Orienting to College – Part 2: Social Life and Campus Resources

Please refer to Part 1 of “Orienting to College” for information on the structure of colleges and campus life. Social Life One major factor that predicts a person’s satisfaction with their school is the degree of engagement they have with their campus community.  Colleges are increasingly interested in supporting student involvement because it supports bothContinue reading “Orienting to College – Part 2: Social Life and Campus Resources”

Orienting to College – Part 1: Structure of a College and Living on Campus

This turned out to be a lengthy outline, so please see Part 2 of “Orienting to College” for the free download that accompanies this information. August is right around the corner and with it comes the first day of classes at many universities and colleges across the country.  While exciting, the prospect of adjusting toContinue reading “Orienting to College – Part 1: Structure of a College and Living on Campus”

Summer-before-College Series Introduction

A blog series for incoming students It is hard to believe that we are already halfway through July and weeks past the summer equinox!  As the days begin to shorten, many are planning on beginning new academic ventures in the coming fall months.  Whether you are a recent high school graduate, a student who tookContinue reading “Summer-before-College Series Introduction”

Wisdom for Newbies from Brené Brown

**Notice: This blog contains one explicit/curse word as cited by external source** Nautilus Counseling will be officially opening next week, and the Universe has once again transpired to provide me with just the right resource for the occasion.  I recently discovered Brené Brown ’s podcast “Unlocking Us” and started with the very first episode.  AsContinue reading “Wisdom for Newbies from Brené Brown”

The Comeback – July 2022

Hello and welcome back to Nautilus Counseling’s blog! As all 5 of my current subscribers know, things have been pretty quiet around here as of late. As all of my 5 subscribers also know, I lost my house in the December 2021 Marshall Wildfire outside of Boulder, Colorado – this is what has led toContinue reading “The Comeback – July 2022”

 Imposter Syndrome Part 2 – Social Influences

Last time on the blog, we looked at five different types of imposter syndrome, defined by Dr. Valerie Young.  This week, we are stepping back from the individual and looking at the cultural, structural, or organizational patterns that cause imposter syndrome to be so prominent.  In a 2008 article, The Harvard Business Review has definedContinue reading ” Imposter Syndrome Part 2 – Social Influences”

Imposter Syndrome Part 1 – Types of Imposters

It is time for our 2nd ever weekly blog for Nautilus Counseling!  This week, I thought it would be appropriate to focus on something that I am personally encountering as I plan to welcome new clients in the coming months – imposter syndrome.  Imposter syndrome, also sometimes called “the imposter phenomenon” since it is notContinue reading “Imposter Syndrome Part 1 – Types of Imposters”

Why Nautilus?

Photo by SARAH GRANGER on Unsplash Welcome to the first ever blog post for Nautilus Counseling!  I thought it would be a good idea to start off with an explanation of the name I chose for this practice, so buckle up for my best attempt at describing this multi-layered symbol and metaphor, as well asContinue reading “Why Nautilus?”

Welcome to Nautilus Counseling, Colorado!

Hello! Nautilus Counseling is still in the process of getting up-and-running, but I (Kara) am excited to announce that I will soon be providing rehabilitation and mental health counseling services to the residents of Colorado. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all initial services will be held via secure video conference platform until further notice.Continue reading “Welcome to Nautilus Counseling, Colorado!”