The Comeback – July 2022

Hello and welcome back to Nautilus Counseling’s blog! As all 5 of my current subscribers know, things have been pretty quiet around here as of late. As all of my 5 subscribers also know, I lost my house in the December 2021 Marshall Wildfire outside of Boulder, Colorado – this is what has led toContinue reading “The Comeback – July 2022”

Why Nautilus?

Photo by SARAH GRANGER on Unsplash Welcome to the first ever blog post for Nautilus Counseling!  I thought it would be a good idea to start off with an explanation of the name I chose for this practice, so buckle up for my best attempt at describing this multi-layered symbol and metaphor, as well asContinue reading “Why Nautilus?”

Welcome to Nautilus Counseling, Colorado!

Hello! Nautilus Counseling is still in the process of getting up-and-running, but I (Kara) am excited to announce that I will soon be providing rehabilitation and mental health counseling services to the residents of Colorado. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all initial services will be held via secure video conference platform until further notice.Continue reading “Welcome to Nautilus Counseling, Colorado!”