Welcome to Nautilus Counseling, Colorado!

Hello! Nautilus Counseling is still in the process of getting up-and-running, but I (Kara) am excited to announce that I will soon be providing rehabilitation and mental health counseling services to the residents of Colorado. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all initial services will be held via secure video conference platform until further notice. Eventually, I hope to start in-person therapy groups, hands-on workshops, and other events to engage with the community in Boulder and beyond.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You may be wondering, “What makes rehabilitation counseling any different than regular counseling?”.

The simple answer to that question is that rehabilitation counseling specifically focuses on issues related to disability, functional limitations, and access to the goods and services provided by the community. As a rehabilitation counselor AND a mental health counselor, I am particularly interested in the social and emotional components of coping with disability, including relational difficulties, identity development and self-expression. Both traditional mental health counseling services and rehabilitation are available as services through Nautilus Counseling.

Consultation will also be available for people who are seeking a short-term relationship focused on understanding disability-related processes and planning. Consultation may be helpful for parents whose children have disabilities, people who are starting new careers, and business owners who wish to hire and retain a diversely-abled workforce.

Regardless of your interests, I offer free 20-minute informational sessions with prospective clients. In this session, we can discuss your needs and figure out which services would best suit them.

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